Dr Gabrielle Murphy, BACME – January

I have been in this field for over 20 years, seen its highs and lows, personally and universally, and stood both strong and battered with colleagues. However, I have never been in any doubt at all that the talent, dedication, and integrity resonating from the health professionals in this field is nothing short of inspiring, and against all odds.

Having attended the 2017 UK Research Collaborative Conference I personally feel a great sense of hope on hearing the latest research advances, and I look forward immensely to the conclusion of certain wide-ranging studies, such as those at the National Institute of Health, from which we may get a much greater understanding of the disorder(s).

The BACME 2018 Conference to be held in Liverpool this year also has an exciting line up of speakers and workshops and we look forward to seeing many there.

Wishing a peaceful and prosperous year ahead to all.