Encouraging Impressions – June

It’s good to see that more people in our region with ME/CFS these days are falling into the mild to moderate category and often improving with the help of various approaches more quickly than previously.

As more professionals are recognising the illness sooner and administering symptom control along with giving sensible management advice people seem less likely to slip into the chronic more severe illness. In areas such as ours where there are specialist NHS services people are being diagnosed sooner and doctors giving good early advice more often.

However we continue to be aware of a large number of people that are chronically ill and making little progress who are in need of care.

We are seeing with ME/CFS as with most conditions that it makes sense to intervene earlier rather than later to prevent chronicity and severity of illness. Although the situation is far from perfect things are improving and It’s good to see a fair number of people moving on to lead active lives again.