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30 Years of Caring

It's been 30 years since our organisation was founded in 1987.

Working with the Brighton & Sussex Medical School the Sussex & Kent ME/CFS Society recently ran a survey about the experiences over two years of those affected by the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – ME across their region. This is the first professionally run comprehensive study of its type and the findings are being seriously viewed […]

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INITIAL ANALYSIS The research was conducted to gain data to aid our support and campaigning activities across the county of Kent. We distributed 304 questionnaires of which 186 were completed (61% response). 87% of respondents had a firm diagnosis of ME or CFS or PVFS from a GP or hospital doctor. Most patients had been […]

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 25% of members had joined the society having heard of it through a national ME organisation, whereas only 7% had joined through NHS healthcare recommendations. 89% of members had joined to find out more information about ME/CFS with 60% of those also wanting to get support, access services and help support the society. […]

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ME is classified by the World Health Organisation as a disease of the nervous system (1). The recent Chief Medical Officers’ Working Group Report (2002) recognises that CFS/ME “can cause profound and often prolonged illness and disability and can have a very substantial affect to the individual and family” (2). Previous research conducted […]

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REPORT, FEBUARY 1999 – EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The research was conducted in response to the Chief Medical Officer recognising Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME (CFS/ME). CFS/ME is classified by the World Health Organisation (1992) as a disease of the nervous system, and the Department of Health recognises it as a ‘debilitating and distressing condition’ (DoH 1998). From the […]

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