Coronavirus and ME/CFS – March 17th

COVID-19, the formal name for the corona virus, is understandably causing a lot of concern for those with on-going or chronic illness.

Currently there is no evidence to say if people with ME/CFS or other fatigue syndromes are at higher risk of catching the virus or from developing severe complications from the illness.

What constitutes a long term or underlying condition? Those with established heart, lung or kidney conditions, or any other long term condition that your doctor has diagnosed; most of these conditions are more common in the elderly, (currently considered to be over the age of 70) and those with these conditions are more at risk of developing a more severe illness.

However, even though we do not know the cause of ME/CFS, or other fatigue syndromes such as post infectious fatigue, they are designated as long-term conditions. The aim therefore is to follow all the advice for avoiding infection, and if you have the symptoms to follow the government guidance as laid out below.

The government is currently advising that all people with such long-term conditions to take extra precautions and adopt social distancing practices. Advice on what this entails can be found at:

For more general advice on COVID-19 see:

Dr Gabrielle Murphy Royal Free Hospital London