Kent Patients Survey 2005


The research was conducted to gain data to aid our support and campaigning activities across the county of Kent. We distributed 304 questionnaires of which 186 were completed (61% response).

87% of respondents had a firm diagnosis of ME or CFS or PVFS from a GP or hospital doctor.

Most patients had been ill for over 10 years the average overall being 14.07yrs.

The majority were female – 77%.

2% were under 20 years of age, 30% between 21 and 40, 54% between 41 and 60 and 15% were over 60 years old.

13% described their present state of health as mild (able to do some work), 63% moderate (unable to work but able to get around most of the time), 22% severe (virtually housebound) and 2% were very severe (virtually bedbound).

79% described their GP as being reasonably helpful.

69% of respondents had seen a hospital doctor 51% of which were described as reasonably helpful.

76% of patients said they had adequate general information about the illness and how to manage it.

60% did not consider they received adequate general support from professionals.

68% had not experienced serious difficulty gaining their benefit entitlements.