ME Taken very seriously – May

Researchers at Sussex University are leading the way in studying ME or Chronic fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia by investigating the post-exertional malaise that is a key marker of the illnesses and also looking at the mechanisms of chronic pain and fatigue. The projects are a collaboration between the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust & Brighton and Sussex Medical School

Dozens of Sussex & Kent ME/CFS Society members have taken part in the studies that have taken volunteers through procedures including brain scans, heart rate and blood pressure measurement, upright tilt testing, questionnaires and blood tests.

Colin Barton, chairman of the ME Society said: “We are very pleased to be assisting with these important studies that should increase biomedical understanding of these potentially life ruining illnesses.”

When answering a Parliamentary question recently the Health Minister confirmed that research into chronic fatigue syndrome/ME is an area of strategic importance for the Medical Research Council and the only medical condition for which the MRC has a dedicated Highlight Notice.