ME Treatment & Research Conference 2016

Nearly 150 of us spent a pleasant afternoon at the Brighthelm Centre in Brighton on October 6th where excellent presentations were given on the neurological aspects of ME/CFS, Nutrition and Immunity along with how local services help people accept and manage their illness leading to improvements. We also heard about some very encouraging upcoming research projects that could make a real difference.

Dr Alan Stewart who is clinician at the Sussex-wide CFS/ME Service chaired a most successful meeting where he introduced top neurologist Professor Leslie Findley along with James Shute and Sarah Adelakun from the Sussex Service. Splendid presentations were also given on ‘Exploring the Neural Circuitry of Fatigue in CFS/ME’ and ‘Brain – Body Interactions’ by Dr Mahinda Yogarajah and Dr Jessica Eccles who are both to be carrying out important new studies investigating ME/CFS.

Attending also were Prof Colin Smith, Professor of Functional Genomics who is a member of the MEGA Project, Dr Mario Vergara-Williamson of the Kent & Medway CFS/ME Service, Dr Paul Worthley of Burrswood Hospital along with representatives of BACME, AYME, ME Trust, Lightning Process, Brighton Young Peoples Service and a number of other professionals.

This is good example of the NHS and the voluntary sector working together for the good of those affected by ME/CFS.