Special Interest Groups

Yoga Classes for ME

A yoga class for ME/CFS sufferers has been running in Hove since 1995. We meet once a week from 2:30 – 3:30 on a Monday afternoon at Cornerstone Community Centre, First Avenue, Hove, BN3 2FL. It is a drop-in and costs £5.00 per session. Call Cathy on 01273 553139 for more information

Each class tends to comprise of three sections. We begin with a period of relaxation, with emphasis placed on deepening the breath. This can achieve calmness and greater peace of mind. Next we have the physical activity. Mostly the exercises are performed lying down on a mat; occasionally we kneel, sit or stand, but each movement is entirely optional. Our teacher has gained a considerable knowledge of ME/CFS and emphasizes that each member of the group should attempt no more than they feel capable of doing. The session closes with another period of relaxation. Anyone interested in trying yoga is very welcome to come along to the class. Obviously, it will not be appropriate for everyone, but many people have found that over a period of time their health has started to improve. We often meet at a local cafe afterwards to chat.

Informal Meet-Ups
Small Informal house meetings and café gatherings are regularly organised by members across Sussex and Kent. These provide ideal opportunities for people to meet up with others in their area that are in a similar situation to share information, swap tips and make new friends.

We call ourselves the ME MUMS because traditionally it has always been women, but we have never said Dads cant join us!

We are a group of parents who met a few years ago at a conference in Hove, set up by Sussex ME/CFS Society and AYME. We found it so helpful to meet fellow parents of young people with ME, that we decided to set up a support group. It makes such a difference to know that you are not struggling alone. Yes its awful for the person with ME, but its also difficult for the people who are caring for the ME sufferer. And if the person is young, it seems so much worse somehow.

We meet up every six weeks or so, at each others houses (Shoreham, Hove, Rottingdean). We usually bring a nibble along with us!

We are a friendly bunch and have found each others help and support amazing. And our young people have got together too, which is great.

Young People In Sussex & Kent
A young people’s group was established some years ago in an attempt to deal with the separate issues that young people and their families face. It was set up by a mother and teacher, who had two children with ME and who had faced many problems common to families with children in the education system. Local families were put in touch with each other and met at social events. The young people’s contact works with the national charity Association for Young People with ME (AYME) and there is a strong link between the Sussex & Kent ME/CFS Society and AYME who provide essential support and regional contacts. By providing under 21’s with both local and national support, our young people and their families are receiving the very best information and encouragement.

Members E-mail Group
The society operates a members only E-group that links up those with internet access. The system enables members to share information and experiences and make contacts while being kept up-to-date with the local and national ME/CFS related news.

LyndisPostal Library
Susan and Lyndis operate a postal library that has a large selection of books and tapes on ME/CFS and related subjects. The library list includes several self help books written by specialist doctors.