Year Change – January

Fortunately, The Sussex & Kent ME/CFS Society has seen a large number of its members obtaining a timely definitive diagnosis and receiving the best attention available. This has led to people making significant improvements with some able to move on to lead active lives. Regrettably, we are also aware of many that have been less fortunate and continue to be seriously ill and virtually housebound and in need of care.

It is indeed welcome that we have good NHS specialist adult services locally that have very experienced therapists working with clinicians Dr Alan Stewart and Dr Mario Vergara-Williamson. The Brighton based NHS Children and Young people’s service is also helping youngsters and their families. Other approaches such as Yoga classes and the Lightning Process have helped a good many as well.

Research continues to progress, with ME/CFS being the only medical condition for which Medical Research Council (MRC) has a dedicated Highlight Notice. In our area, the studies led by Prof Neil Harrison and Dr Jessica Eccles participated in by members of ours and those seen at the Sussex-wide CFS/ME Service are showing some interesting findings that will increase the biomedical understanding of ME/CFS/FM that could help management strategies in the future.

Colin Barton