Hove ME Practice & Research Conference 2014

On 7th October, Hove Town Hall was packed with around 150 people with ME/CFS along with carers and NHS professionals from all over the region when the Sussex & Kent ME/CFS Society working with Action for ME and Association for Young People with ME staged their ME Practice and Research conference. Caroline Lucas MP opened proceedings and Sussex consultant, Dr Keith Hine who has seen many hundreds of patients in his clinics chaired the event. An interesting presentation by Royal Free Hospital consultant physician, Dr Gabrielle Murphy covered the significant involvement of the immune system in the syndrome and how the role of the autonomic nervous system. Dr Zoe Gotts who is lead researcher at Northumbria Centre for Sleep research talked about her recently published research that looked at the relationships between sleep, behaviour, cognition and the physical symptoms of ME/CFS. AfME’s Sonya Chowdhury and AYME’s Mary-Jane Willows gave talks covering the recent UK CFS/ME Research Collaborative conference and their national charities work. Dr Mario Vergara-Williamson from the Kent & Medway CFS/ME Service attended as did representatives from the NHS Sussex-wide CFS/ME Service and the Brighton Paediatric CFS/ME Service all of which were set up with help from the Sussex & Kent charity. Questions were asked, refreshments served and music was played at this most successful event.

Keith etc